MindKiwi M&M – Parent/Guardian Programme (Key Sessions)

In this course you will learn....

Course Description

This part of the programme presents whānau/family-specific sessions which speak directly to you as a parent/caregiver. Some of the content will cross-over with the full programme that your child is working through, and is aimed to complement their sessions.

These sessions are labelled with the corresponding week number relating to the full programme. Please complete them at the time that your child is completing the same week.

What you'll learn

  • Some of the techniques that your child is learning as they work through the programme.
  • Ways to support your child.
  • Increased knowledge of mindfulness and how it can assist you as a parent/caregiver of your child.

Who this is for

The parent or legal guardian who is participating in the Micronutrients & Mindfulness (M&M) study with their child.

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